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About us

Eddie starting building his skills on a range of diggers and other machinery nearly 10 years ago, starting in Waihi nz , then gaining further critical experience in the mining industry in Perth Australia and a cabling company, for many years before returning to Waihi to be employed locally as an excavator operator.

Being trained and experienced in Australia where safety is of the utmost importance and focus we have transferred and introduced these into our daily routines and practices.

Spending many years in many areas of the excavating industry Ed sees the land in a different way to most, therefore clients find his suggestions or advice creative and helpful to the overall project, acknowledging, location, soil type, water retention and flow etc.

Being so passionate and having such an enthusiastic energy, ed puts in the long hard hours, is easily adaptable to unexpected plan changes, works well in high intensity environments and prides himself on the final touches of a completed job leaving it in a clean tidy state.

With an outstanding reputation in our local districts and nearly a decade in experience operating machines from 2 ton - 360 ton we are confident you would be impressed with our services.

Eddie 'Night' Meares

Eddie grew up in the beautiful small town of Waihi, with 4 other siblings, who are all just as talented in their fields (electrician, plumber, accountant and artist)

From the young age of 2 you would see ed cruising round on a motorbike which then evolved into anything on wheels, tracks or rollers - ironically his dad wanted to call him digger!!! Spending all waking hours obsessing over such things.

Fastforward 25+ years nothing much has changed, married with 3 kids 'Digger' is the most common word in our household, you will often find him playing diggers outside in the sandpit with his 3 year old son or on those family car rides showing us which job he did, pointing out every single digger or even how messy a site has been left.

Other than diggers and machines Ed enjoys his motorbikes, the outdoors, working around home and spending time with his friends and family.

Eddie really enjoys a challenge and loves to take on those tricky, ugly jobs that have given you nightmeares

Why Us?

Being a family owned and operated business we understand working within budgets, we are dedicated to delivering a high level and standard of quality work and we take pride in our completed jobs, appreciating business through past work and word of mouth. 

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